32 Lashed – a review of the 2012 snowboard boot

If you’re looking for a new snowboarding boot for the coming season, the 32 Lashed 2012 model could be a great option. After all, there must be a very good reason why it’s the number one selling boot from the high-end snowboarding apparel producer. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the features of the boot to help you assess whether 32 Lashed could be the snowboard boot for you.

Thirty Two Lashed Snowboard Boots 32
Fast track lacing system

The boot has an excellent fast track lacing system which is remarkably easy to use. Simply pull the boot on, tighten with the two lace pulls and tuck them away inside the tongue. Undoubtedly a great feature for those who want to hit the slopes straight away, instead of spending too much time getting booted up. And that’s surely pretty much everyone.

Antibacterial coating

The 32 Lashed boot’s interior is coated with an antibacterial finish. We all know that the feet can get a little bit sweaty when buried away inside snowboarding boots for any lengthy period of time, so this is a fantastic feature for keeping your feet fresh while out in the snow. It’ll also probably make you a little bit more popular with your friends when the time comes to take them off!

Well crafted inner boot

The 32 Lashed model has a long-standing reputation for offering a high quality inner boot, and the newest model is no different. They’re still using a harness from the outer boot to tie the inner boot, and this makes for a really secure fit that keeps both parts of the boot moving together and prevents any heel lift. Basically, this boot is not going to come undone. Ever.

Super light weight

No rubber is used to manufacture the 32 Lashed 2012 boot, so it’s 40% lighter than previous models. Coupled with great flex, this makes them an ideal choice for freestyle riding.

The boot offers all-round performance and some brilliant features that could really give them the edge out on the snow. They’re 32’s best selling boot for a reason. They retail at around £160.

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