Alpine Level 3 Ski Instructor Course

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If you are planning to really move forward with your snowsports career then you should think seriously about moving on and taking your Alpine Level 3 International Snowsport Instructors Association (ISIA) course. This qualification will allow you to work fulltime at an International Snowsport school.

There are many parts to the Level 3 Alpine Instructor course, and includes Coaching Level 1, Level 3 Mountain Safety, Common Theory, Second Language, Alpine Level 3 ISIA Teaching, Alpine Level 3 ISIA Technical, Second Discipline Level 1, and 200 hours of Teaching Experience. This is a large amount of effort, considering you must also have completed Alpine Instructor Training Level 1 and Level 2 previously, but there is a lot of skill and responsibility involved with coaching people on real mountain ranges, hence the high level of qualification.

Before you will be considered for the Level 3 Alpine Instructor course you must have already completed the 200 hours of Teaching Experience, which can be gained either at a dry ski slope, and indoor real snow skiing centres, or on a mountain range. To ensure that the 200 hours have been achieved to the correct standard they must be logged and signed off by the Snowsport School Manager or Director.

Alpine Coach Level 1

This is a 3 day course and before you apply you must be able to carve clean GS turns on a simple piste, and also be able to ski freely through a slalom. If you are at this standard then you are free to apply for the Alpine Coach Level 1 course.

This course is designed to show you how to teach and work with children of between 5 and 12 years old. You will learn how to plan and run coaching sessions that are not only appropriate for the participants, but also challenges them to improve their skills.

Level 3 Mountain Safety

This is a 6 day course that incorporates on-snow training with a series of lectures, seminars and assessments. These 6 days are broken down into 4 days of training and 2 days of assessment. This Level 3 Mountain Safety Training course aims to train and assess participants in how to coach others on off-piste descents, and covers the relevant equipment necessary for such conditions.

Common Theory Course

This course aims to develop your understanding of evidence based practice and sports science theory. You will have a significantly advanced frame of reference and will be able to teach others in performance skiing. You will be taught all the very latest science behind safety, technique, fitness, teaching, and sports psychology, and you will be shown how to utilise this new expertise and implement it in your own action plan. Once you complete this advanced Common Theory Course you will be a highly qualified tutor in skiing techniques, coaching, teaching, and performance.

Second Language

Skiing is a multi-language activity, and thus you need to be able to communicate with others on the slopes. To obtain the Level 3 Alpine Instructor Qualification you will be verbally tested in French, German, Spanish, and Italian (as well as knowing English). This verbal language test can be completed over the phone or in person, with the assessor being bilingual or holding a degree in the language under examination.

The verbal test will normally include general questions about where you live, your family, you leisure interests etc., but this discussion will progress onto more specific snowsports topics to ensure the participant knows and understands all the necessary phrases and terminology that will be needed when teaching others on the slopes.

Alpine Level 3 ISIA Teaching Course

This Alpine Level 3 ISIA teaching course lasts for 5 days and will involve on-snow training and assessment, along with in-depth seminars and lectures. The whole course is focused on making you a better communicator and teacher and covers goal setting, skier analysis, motivation, safety, communication, teaching styles, and understanding differing learner needs. The course will involve going off-piste and therefore the students will have to bring their own safety pack, which includes a snow shovel, an avalanche probe, and a transceiver.

Alpine Level 3 ISIA Technical Course

A 10 day long on-snow training course that also includes complementary seminars and lectures. This Alpine Level 3 technical course will teach and test the students understanding and knowledge of skiing and skiing theory, the students ability to analyse the skier and the skiers development, assess the students personal skiing performance, and general client care. As with the Alpine Level 3 ISIA Teaching course this course will also involve some off-piste skiing, and therefore the students must carry the necessary safety kit.

Second Discipline

This means you must complete the Level 1 training on one other snowsport discipline. If you are currently taking the Level 3 Alpine training, you must choose and complete one of either Snowboard Level 1 Instructor course, Telemark Level 1 Instructor course, Adaptive Level 1 Instructor course, or Nordic Level 1 Instructor course.

The Level 3 Alpine Ski ISIA qualification is a major undertaking, but once complete you will be able to apply your skills to the mountain ranges and be fully qualified to teach beyond parallel standards, including techniques and tactics for steeper terrain, bumps, higher speeds, and variable conditions within marked pistes and off-piste routes.

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