Alpine Level 4 Ski Instructor Course

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Alpine Ski Level 4 ISTD is the highest recognised worldwide award and those who obtain this level will be classed as Elite Skiers. The Alpine level 4 Instructor course advances on the Level 3 course to raise the qualification to a level that is recognised in the European market.

The Alpine Level 4 qualification aims to create the highest possible standards amongst its holders, and thus there are several aspects involved to achieve this merit. You must undergo Level 5 EMS Training, 200 hours Teaching Experience, Alpine Level 4 ISTD Teaching, a written report, Euro Speed Test, Alpine Level 4 ISTD Technical Training, a thorough Interview, Level 4 EMS Assessment, and 6 days fully logged advanced training.

Level 4 EMS Training

This training course advances on from the BASI Mountain training course that is undertaken during the Level 3 qualification. During this Level 4 EMS Training you will be taught how to lead tours and how to deal with specific hazards. This is an intense physical course and will entail long periods out on the mountain with a rucksack. You may also be exposed to the elements on steep terrain, with a typical ascent being up to 1000 meters.

200 Hours Teaching Experience

These hours must be complete before you start your Level 4 Alpine Training, but these should be gained after your Level 3 Training. Like the other teaching experience hours that are necessary throughout the entire Alpine Instructor Training courses, these teaching hours should come on dry ski slopes and at indoor Snow domes.

Alpine Level 4 ISTD Teaching

This ISTD teaching lasts for 5 days and takes place on-snow and is accompanied by assessments, seminars, and lectures. You will gain extra knowledge, ability, and understanding to allow you to teach alpine skiing at the highest possible level.

Written Project

As part of the Alpine Level 4 qualification you will be asked to complete a research project that will be between 3000-4000 words in length. This will be a high quality piece of research and will need to meet all necessary standards for a written research assignment. This includes a bibliography, good grammar, presentation, layout, and diagrams. The research topic has to be related to the Snowsports industry and should be of particular interest to those who coach and teach snowsports.

Euro Speed Test

The Euro Speed Test forms a vital part of the training in Spain, Austria, Britain, Germany, Italy, and France. Like its name suggests, each candidate must perform a timed run through a giant slalom and must meet the required level to pass this test.

Alpine Level 4 ISTD Technical

The aim of this course is to improve the students technical skills and their general understanding of skiing. The Alpine Level 4 ISTD technical course lasts for 5 days and will include evaluation of the participants understanding and knowledge of skiing, their skills at analysing skier development, and their ability to assess skiing performance.

Level 4 EMS Assessment

This Level 4 European Mountain Security (EMS) assessment is a 3 day course in which you are taken away for a long day touring away from the main ski area. You will be tested on very steep slopes and will have to carry all necessary safety kit in a rucksack at all times. During this assessment you will have to write a paper demonstrating your knowledge of general safety, off-piste skiing, and mountain environment and variable weather conditions.
There will also be a practical test that accompanies the written assessment. This practical Mountain Security test will assess your preparation for carrying out an off-piste itinerary, your ability to plan an appropriate rout, your assessment of hazardous conditions, which includes snow stability and slope profiles, and also how you cope in emergency situations, such as in an avalanche.

6 Logged Days Touring

During these 6 days of high quality touring you will be tested on your leading capabilities, decision making, and general navigation skills. While out touring you will also need to demonstrate strong map reading, transceiver searching, snow profiling, and use of ropes, which are all essential traits for emergency situations.


All students will have to sit a general interview at the end of all modules to conclude this Level 4 Alpine Training course. This will be the climax of a comprehensive training program set over 4 challenging Levels of Alpine training and will set you apart as an Elite Professional that is at the very top of their game.

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