ChillyDog vs DoubleDog – Forum Youngblood’s 2012 Snowboards Review

There are two options from Forum Youngblood this year in terms of snowboards: ChillyDog and DoubleDog. But which one has more bite? Here we’ll look at both boards to help you to determine which one is best for you.

Firstly, let’s consider what both the boards have in common. Both ChillyDog and DoubleDog have a flex rating of 4 out of 10, meaning that they’re good for butters. They’re also both soft between the feet, which makes them great for locking onto rails and improving freestyle performance. But what about the all-important differences?

The DoubleDog is far more aggressive than the tamer ChilliDog. If you’d like, think of it as more of an Alsation. It’s strong, sturdy and takes no prisoners. The camber zones between the feet lend themselves to a more powerful and stable ride and add pressure to the edges of the board, increasing the riding performance and making it a great option for freestyle boarders who are looking to challenge themselves.

ChillyDog and DoubleDog Snowboard Review
The ChilliDog, on the other hand, offers a much softer ride. If you’re feeling the canine comparisons, then this one could be likened to an Old English Sheepdog. Playful, sociable and a bit more relaxed. It’s targeted largely towards park riders rather than the all-mountain boarders who will tend to prefer the DoubleDog design. If you’re looking for better edge control, ChilliDog is likely to be your chosen pedigree.

The Youngblood boards have been part of Forum’s repertoire for a while now and have been popular with riders of all styles and calibres. In fact, both ChilliDog and DoubleDog won Transworld Good Wood Awards for the 2010/2011 season. Both are of a very good standard and once you’ve picked the right option for your personal boarding style, you’re likely to find that it makes a valuable addition to your collection.

Both boards retail at around £250. Snow and Rock & Ellis Brigham.

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