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SnowDome Tamworth

Address: The SnowDome, Leisure Island, River Drive, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B79 7ND
Telephone: 08448 000011

Opening times

Main Slope
9:00am – 1:15pm | 2:00pm – 6:00pm | 8:00pm – 11:00pm (Mon – Fri)
9:00am – 1:15pm | 2:00pm – 5:00pm | 8:30pm – midnight (Sat)
9:00am – 12:00pm | 2:00pm – 5:00pm | 8:00pm – 11:00pm (Sun)

Times may vary. Check the official SnowDome website or phone to confirm slope times.

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What Should I Wear & What Equipment do I Need?

Skis, snowboards and boots are provided free of charge, but of course you can bring your own if you have it. For ski or snowboard lessons protective headwear is supplied. You need to bring your own gloves and please dress warm as you are going to be playing in snow at the SnowDome.

The Real Snow Slopes

SnowDome real snow slopes

SnowDome features an impressive 170 metre (~ 558ft) real snow main slope that has fresh snow all year round. On this slope you can simply ski or snowboard freely if you meet SnowDomes minimum level of skill. This minimum level ensures that you can use all lifts, perform controlled linked turns, control speed and direction and stop confidently. If you feel this is not you then some lessons will be required.

SnowDome also has 2 smaller teaching slopes, one measuring 30 metres and the other 25 metres across. These slopes are known as two Snow Academy areas, where highly trained instructors give you tuition in the basics or skiing and snowboarding, and also provide more advanced lessons on specific techniques.

Tobogganing and Tubing

Tobogganing at The SnowDome Tamworth

Fancy flying down a real snow slope on a specially designed inflatable tube, then adrenalin tubing is certainly for you. Book a 30 minute slot and off you go. This really is true speed, can you handle it?

Adrenalin Tubing at The SnowDome

Tobogganing is fantastic fun. You take the ‘travelator’ to the top of the 170 metre main real snow slope and speed down in steerable toboggans. Race your friends and family for 30 minutes, but be sure to book first as it can get busy.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating at The SnowDome

The SnowDome offers the ultimate ice skating experience! The UK’s only ice track surrounds an inner ice skating rink making a huge 250 metre ice track. There is also a ‘mini rink’ for those not too steady on their skates, meaning the whole family can enjoy the ice no matter how experienced they are. Ice skates are provided free of charge.

Ski and Snowboard Lessons Overview

Learn to ski or snowboard in a day : The fast track way to earning your skiing stripes

This is a course for complete beginners, those who have never set foot on a snow slope before, or at least not for a very long time. This fast track full day course contains all the contents of Group Levels 1-3 and Fast Track 1&2. Not only that, but the price of this course includes all food and drink for the day.

Ski development courses

These courses are designed to improve the skills and techniques of skiers who are looking to advance beyond the mere recreational levels. These are full day courses and include tuition, informal coaching, open practise and lunch. There are different types of courses:

Learn To Parallel In A Day

– Designed to take you from snowplough turns to basic parallel.

Learn To Carve In A Day

– This course develops and progresses carving skills.

Coaching Sessions

There are coaching sessions for all levels, and if you fancy something a bit more than just simple skiing or snowboarding then these coaching sessions could be for you. All improver sessions are complete with informal coaching from dedicated session instructors. You can get involved with, for example, a Beginner Ramp Night and learn how to jump, or maybe you want to perfect those carving turns, which are dealt with in the ski Master Class or the snowboard Progression Session. All adult Coaching Sessions last for 3 hours.

For the little monsters

Kinder Lessons

Skiing for the Kids at The SnowDome

The kinder lessons at the SnowDome ski school teaches kids from ages 4 – 7 years. The SnowDome has dedicated ‘Kinder Team’ instructors, with all ski sessions and lessons lasting 45 minutes. It is recommended that all children take the Kinder Fun Session before progressing to the more formal ‘lesson approach’ of Kinder 1, 2 & 3 lessons. Each child gets their very own achievement card so that they can keep track of their progress.

Junior Club

These sessions are aimed at juniors of all levels and cover all aspects of skiing from racing to technical skills to riding the park. There are activities on the SnowDome slope, and also addition organised events and races and prize-givings throughout the year. These sessions are a fantastic opportunity for juniors to build their confidence, make new friends and take their skills to the next level.

SnowDome Prices

There are many price options and as such we refer you to the official SnowDome website for more details. As a quick guide select prices are shown below:

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