Ski Insurance

When you go away on any holiday you take out insurance just in case something goes wrong, whether it be lost luggage at the airport or a mishap while away. However, if you are planning a winter sports trip it is likely that you will need extra cover, and you should get special ski insurance. The chances of you having an injury are significantly higher if you are zooming down a ski slope, no matter how experienced you are, so it is important to consider purchasing a comprehensive ski insurance policy that will cover you in the event of suffering an injury on the slopes.

It is unlikely that a standard single trip policy will cover you for winter sports as this is a common exclusion on many policies so you must take care when checking the small print, no matter how tedious this may seem. Normal standard single trip insurance does not normally cover activities such as tobogganing, off-piste skiing, ice-skating and, for the super adventurous amongst us, heli-skiing.

With this in mind the easiest route is to take out a dedicated ski insurance policy, which will cover all the standard features such as medical cover, loss of baggage cover, cancellation cover and emergency repatriation (check policy wording as this varies from insurer to insurer), with a few added extras. With a specialist winter sports insurer you will also get cover for a variety of winter sports activities, on and off-piste skiing and snowboarding (check the individual policy however as off-piste skiing is sometimes not standard or you may need to be accompanied by an instructor), damage to, or loss of your equipment, reimbursement of ski school fees (if applicable), equipment hire costs and lift passes should you suffer an injury or fall. While we all hope we will never need this level of cover, you must plan for the worse case scenario otherwise you could end up being in serious (financial) trouble. The information we provide here is just a guide and you must carefully read and understand each individual companies ski insurance policy to ensure you are happy with the level of cover they offer.

How to find cost effective but comprehensive ski insurance

While cheap is sometimes best, in the case of winter sports insurance you need to make sure cheap is good enough. You should not choose a policy based on price alone, although don’t simply reject the cheapest because you think it may not be good enough. Read and understand the terms and choose the one that is right for you.

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Enjoy your ski or snowboard trip and hopefully the insurance policy you took out is not used and you have a fantastic and safe holiday.